Freedom at last

Its taken a month but at last we’ve found a wild place to play and run free in.  This beautiful spot can be our forest school spot, our space for nature play and our place for peace.  Ive named it Jelly Bean pool after a very similar and equally fabulous riverbed set of pools in the Blue Mountains in Australia I love. But whatever its called its lovely and its just what we need. Matat is full of broken glass and litter and noisy and busy and far from the peace and light of Penwartha so we were all feeling penned in and far from God so so glad to find this space at last.  It took some getting too and they keep it super secret, we trailed round many offices and it took 3 days of searching to find someone who could give us a permit to get into the nature reserve here, and the permit only lasts one day so we shall be back at the right office now every week to collect a permit (if its open).  The permit office itself is next to a lovely play place with disused train tracks and fallen trees and open space so its not all bad, but the whole area is covered in broken glass. Its been ruined by people so I can see why they keep the reserve so hard to get into.


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