Crushing Tarantulas with my barefeet

Im not going to put up a picture here it would be too horrific.  The downside with the farmhouse is definitely the crawling, creeping and jumping things and the worst of it was on the first day when I stepped on something as big and furry as a mouse. I screamed, I was shaking, I was properly properly freaked out. Immediate panic and the children added to the screaming. Luckily they couldnt see it, just my reaction to it. It was huge.  Found out later it was a rain spider, something quite normal up in the farms round Matat but its basically a hairy spider the size of my hand. Id clearly injured it and it didnt move and I had to do something to kill it, or face it dragging itself around the house for the rest of our Christmas holiday. So, it faced a death by boot. Green slime remains had to stay there will Ryan got back from work and I now always wear flipflops in the house. Serious Errrrgh.

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