Our Pool

IMG_0679We are just now thinking about braving it back to our local pool just up behind the hospital so the perfect spot in the hot hot hot days. It was great when it opened in October for summer and much fun was had by all children just then. The minicipal pool is freezing cold but that’s ok when its stupidly hot. And it has a small play area which is a win. And its so close. The trouble was, the lifeguard drowned in it round Christmas and we haven’t been back. He was drunk, allegedly, and no one else there could swim, allegedly, and so that’s what happened. I wont go in to it further, as that’s enough horror for a blog,but that’s why we’ve avoided it since then. But, now its just so so hot, and its been a while, and the children have no knowledge of that, can we go again? Im thinking to give it a go….

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