Making fun clubs for the children in Matat

IMG_1544The other “doctors wives” and I have worked hard since we arrived to provide good fun educational activities for the children and between us we’ve now managed a pretty awesome range of fun so the experience of living in a hospital in SA is a beneficial one for them.  There are so many great activities in Cornwall it has been hard not to miss them and I’ve been keen to do worthwhile fun with them.  The others have done fab with swimming lessons and fitness classes and Ukelale lessons and we’ve joined in with self defence class – although its become treehouse club for ours due to the epic treehouse there where they all play time machines and cafes up high in the shade. We’ve started back at swimming in the municipal pool which is lovely for us all and I can also get a swim as they play in the shady play area with their friends. The new one, and best one, is Pony Club and that’s just fab to have started up.  All of us go out to the farm and all six of the children get to ride, either Clipperty or Princess, two beautiful horses and its lovely to see.  Jack has progressed to even holding the reins and learning how to control Clipperty with his hands and feet and both children really enjoy it.  Doing it with their friends has been great and their friend Kaleb also gets to join in while his mum does the teaching, its great.  They even get to feed and brush the horses.  Afterwards it gets a bit wild with so many in the farms play park and trampoline but for a time its fantastic and sooo nice to be out on the farm instead of in Matat.

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