IMG_0862Jack spent alot of time inventing while in Africa – having few toys was great for creativity and he loved coming up with ideas and making making making all day. I couldn’t keep up with his requests for scissors, paper and sellotape and with just such a few resources he made some great creations. He made a mountain landscape from mystery science where he could make the rainfall with water to see how it ran down a mountain to form rivers. He made a cement mixer from a pringles packet – seen above.  He made a model of the Eden project from water bottles. He made a robot costume all himself. Too much to mention, towards the end when we had packed all the toys he was making all day every day.  Together over the year we’d made some great creations in line with our curriculum themes – a space rocket during Space, a safari vehicle during Nature and so on. It was fun and engaging and ever so creative. But his own creations that he went off and invented like this cement mixer, were really awesome.

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