Homeschooling again

flower colour matching

We love our school and the new friends we’ve made since starting after Africa but its been really really lovely to get back to our old homeschooling rhythms whilst being supported by the school online.  All the amazing new online rescources have been incredible and we’ve loved having Maddy and Gregs themed weeks on you tube, the BBC Schools Bitesize super fun lessons, the lessons from Oak online school, Twinkls resources,  Oxford Owls books, Mr Thornes Phonics, Mr Robbies music, Supermovers and Andys Wild Workouts as well as our usual online learning like Mystery Science, Reading eggs and Alphablocks. Its lovely to be homeschooling again and so much easier and freer than in Africa and so nice to have them back at home all day instead of rushing off for school.  Plenty of time for outdoor play too which has been lovely, and getting back in time for an online Minecraft playdate! Super fun all round – except when we all get tired and grumpy and then we need more playdo time and more playing in the river time!

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