To quote wikipedia “Livity is the Rastafarian concept of righteous, everliving living. Its essence is the realization that an energy or life-force, conferred by Almighty Jah (God), exists within, and flows through, all people and all living things. This energy is the presence of Jah living within us, and is often expressed …. as “I and I”, where the first “I” refers to the Almighty, the second “I” for oneself. A primary goal in Rastafarian meditation is maintaining awareness of I and I.

A primary goal in a Rastafarian’s life is to expand his or her Livity.[1] In Rastafarian philosophy, Livity can be enhanced by intense prayer and meditation ….. adherence to an Ital diet, and perhaps most importantly, loving behavior toward others. Livity has a strong focus on living a natural lifestyle….”

So, as we concentrate on livity we are slowly slowly building our home in Cornwall, with space for a sacred space Rasta tabernacle.  I am starting our blog as a way to spread the way of one love and livity in Cornwall and also to keep the extended family in photos and news while in Africa and, of course to remember our awesome family times together.